Getting started

Voluntary bulimia is simple: when you eat some food, you should release it before your body has time to absorb harmful fat, cholesterol, and nutrients. Go ahead, enjoy a huge meal. Eat the favorite rich, savory, and fatty foods you enjoy and deserve. Once you have completed your meal simply go to the bathroom or another private, easy to clean place, lean over, and stick your fingers into the back of your throat. No, further – really reach for the gold. Soon you will feel the welling release coming from within. Allow your release to achieve it’s natural exit from your person and you’re well on your way to a thinner, better you!

If you find it difficult to achieve your release you may consider trying to wiggle your fingers a little bit and try to massage the back of your throat as a good first step. If that fails then other objects can be employed. A tightly gripped spoon makes an excellent instrument for some, extra long carrots for others. If you are still unable to reach your release then your utter lack of a gag-reflex instantly negates any fat you might not lose with bulimia have in the eyes the moment you demonstrate your considerable talent.

Healthy tips

Due to the lack of nutrients that are absorbed by your body due to the bulimic process, it is important to eat and keep down at least one (1) meal per day. Bulimia Resources suggests that the last thing you eat during the day be a small, but balanced meal, which you should not let go in the interests of weight loss. Keeping this in mind – good luck and have a healthy release!

To make your release easier after your meal make sure to include some rich and creamy food or something dripping in savory oils. These types of foods help lubricate your tract by being as smooth and delicious on the way out as they were on the way down. You can even come to think of this kind of release as a treat – a veritable 3rd dessert if you will.